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The Youth Wellness Program's innovative approach helps at-risk youth to sustain their sobriety by providing ongoing treatment which addresses relapse and needs for repeat intervention and care. We work closely with administrators, teachers, students and health practitioners at the high school and college level to expand Berkeley’s youth services. Hundreds of students have joined us as clients, counselors and advocates.


The combined use of acupuncture and nutritional therapy help reduce depression, anxiety, and the cravings and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Young people often try alcohol, tobacco and other drugs because of peer pressure. We can turn that “pressure”  into positive peer support when they receive our treatment services, which include Peer Health Educators to teach, counsel and recruit young clients. And because the Youth Wellness Program is done in a group setting, it is mutually supportive and very effective.

B-Tech Academy students are predominantly youth of color, who reside in South and West Berkeley. Statistically, this makes B-Tech students and their families more at risk for costly and long term health conditions such as obesity, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a higher rate of substance abuse.

Recent studies reveal 93% of B-Tech students used addictive substances in the last 30 days. But of these same students, 62% said they wanted help with their substance use and mental health issues, knowing it was causing them to be underachievers, and to perform below their potential, with only a 70% graduation rate. 

Since 2004, Berkeley high school students have reported the highest usage of chemicals among all California youth of high school age according to the California Health Survey. To address this shocking problem, United for Health wants to continue the Youth Wellness Program in partnership with Berkeley’s administrators, teachers, student interns, and other community stakeholders to make our services accessible to all Berkeley high school students in need.

United for Health staff has successfully treated college students for their substance use and mental health problems. Of the over 900 students served at the Youth Wellness Program, over 83% reported a reduction or elimination of their symptoms and use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs after a series of acupuncture treatments and nutrition/amino acid therapy.

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If United for Health secures the proper funding,
we can maintain a high school version of the Youth Wellness Program to provide the education and treatment to reduce chemical dependency, repair brain chemistry, promote academic success, and utilize peer support to deliver measurable outcomes.

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