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About Us

United for Health’s mission is to provide health care and education that is accessible to all clients. We offer free acupuncture, nutritional and crisis counseling, and referral linkages to other medical and psycho-social providers. Our staff works closely with many stakeholders, clinics, and schools to intervene with education and preventative services in order to reduce and eventually eliminate costly medical visits and years of needless suffering. UFH partners with organizations and companies to treat their staff; We help them with stress, depression, and trauma, in addition to giving them the tools to sustain their wellbeing. United for Health is also available for consultations in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Contact us at hope.unitedforhealth@gmail.com.

Our Story

United for Health was created in 1991 when a group of healthcare professionals including a Social Worker, four Acupuncturists, a Family Crisis Counselor, a Nutritionist, a Psychologist, and a Nurse Practitioner came together with one common goal: to help bridge the gap in services to those who have the least access to care; at-risk youth, the unhoused, people with HIV/ AIDS, and those with pain, mental health or substance use issues.

1991: UFH receives its first federal grant money

Our staff received the first federal grant money to do acupuncture in the San Francisco County Jail for women inmates with mental health and chemical dependency issues in 1991. We went on to create other clinics in the SF Judicial System.

1993: UFH becomes the first to treat HIV+ street youth

Our  Cole Street Clinic Acupuncture Clinic in the Haight Ashbury District, San Francisco was the first one created to treat HIV+ street youth in 1993.  UFH providers went on to establish other HIV+ clinics at Alta Base Hospital in Berkeley and the Tri-City Center Health Center in Fremont in 1996.

1995: UFH named biggest community acupuncture detox clinic in the Bay Area

Partnering with the City of Berkeley and Lifelong Medical Care in 1995, UFH’s ongoing comprehensive care clinic was founded as the biggest community acupuncture detox clinic in the Bay Area. Our treatment on demand model of acupuncture, counseling, and primary care services is a gateway to bring in those noncompliant to medical, mental health and substance use care.  Feeling better after acupuncture, they developed trust for treatment plans and case management to make their lives better.

2000: Birth of the Youth Suitcase Clinic

UFH co-founded a youth specific clinic in 2000 with UC Berkeley/UCSF medical students, called the Youth Suitcase Clinic. Our staff and other health care providers give care to unhoused and foster care youth 14-25. UFH practitioners also provide full body acupuncture treatments at the Women’s and Coed Adult Suitcase Clinics, located in churches near the UC Berkeley campus weekly.

2006: Partnership with UC Berkeley to serve students

Since 2006, UFH has offered UC Berkeley students ear acupuncture and counseling, treating their stress, anxiety, depression, pain, trauma and substance use. Each semester UFH staff helps them with these symptoms 3 weeks before finals with our Hope on the Go Mobile Clinics.

2008-Current: United For Health awarded “Best Community Nonprofit”

United for Health’s staff have won multiple awards from the City of Berkeley, Alameda County, the American Lung Association, and the California State Senate for our acupuncture and wellness services. These include Best Nonprofit of the Year, Best Mental Health Providers several times, Best Practitioners of the Year, and Women of the Year to our Executive Director by the City of Berkeley.

Meet Our Team

Hope McDonnell, Executive Director

As an acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritional consultant, I believe access to quality health care and food is a right for all. I founded the Berkeley Farmers’ Market in 1980. As Executive Director of United for Health, I was named Woman of the Year and Best Mental Health Practitioner several times by the City of Berkeley for my work with unhoused adults and youth. I also love hiking, dancing and traveling globally to explore other cultures.

Board Members

Rico Pabon

Shefali Shah

Beverly Mickens

Iashia Stanford

Laura Moreno

Aurora Maramag

Healthcare Providers

Alice Carver

Catherine Powers

Holly Barnett

Sarah Elliot

Jeff Levin

Devon Burton

Student Volunteers

Paul Stone, Finance

Abinayaa Murugupandiyan, Finance

Juliet Del Core, Finance

Yu-Feng Wang, Marketing

Betty Chiu, Marketing

Sehoon Park, Marketing

Sam King, Marketing

Vannitsa Hanmonty, Marketing

In Partnership With

Support United For Health

Our UFH staff has treated, trained, supervised, and mentored hundreds of students and volunteers who play a vital role at our program sites. Join us in moving forward the lives of those who need help the most in our community. United for Health depends on funding from foundations, corporations, local businesses, and caring people like you to sustain our wellness services; helping those in need to move their lives forward.

Partner With Us

United for Health’s mission is to provide health care that is completely accessible to our patients. Our services are free so there are no barriers to the essential treatment they need. We partner with city officials, community groups, and companies to expand our services and reach broader communities. Let’s connect!